Getting Kids to Listen
Do you feel like a broken record -- repeating the same instruction to your child over and over? Not sure whether to book them a hearing test or sign yourself into the looney bin? How can you get your child to listen to you the first time you ask them to do something? I used to go nuts over my girls' inability to hear me. Of course I blamed everything on my kids, but once I began to turn inwards and look at my own role in it all, I had a change of heart. I've finally cracked the secret to getting kids to listen to me the first time I say something. Want in on it?

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7 ideas for staying connected as a couple

  • Spend some unplugged time together every day. Put away your phone, tablet and computer and spend time together without the electronic distractions.
  • Kiss him like you mean it. After a few years of marriage, the ‘hot and heavy’ kissing we once enjoyed often disappears. Add a couple of kids and a busy schedule to the mix, and kissing tends to be relegated to a pathetic peck on the lips a couple of times a day! One way to stay connected to your husband is to kiss him like you mean it – every day!
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